Best Tips to Get That 7 in IB Biology

Best Tips to Get That 7 in IB Biology

Hey there! I'm Alba Magaña, a first-year medicine student who recently graduated with a 7 in IB Biology HL at ISB. If you're looking to conquer the world of IB Biology, I've got some tips that might just make your journey a little smoother.

1. Introduce Yourself to Every Topic

Before hitting the books, dive into the world of YouTube. I found Cheryl Hickman's videos particularly helpful. They might be a bit lengthy, but they cover the entire content. I'd watch them while getting ready in the morning or during my shower. Hearing explanations beforehand made it easier to make sense of the content later. Plus, it helps identify challenging topics and key concepts.

2. Notes: Stick to One Source

When it comes to notes, consistency is key. Create your own or use resources like BioNinja. Stick to one source to avoid confusion in the vast realm of Biology HL. Whether it's what your teacher provided or a reliable website, commit to it. Only seek additional information if something remains unclear.

3. Slow and Steady Wins the Race: Take Your Time to Revise

Grind, but take it slow. Allocate at least a week before a test for revision. Each day, focus on one topic, take it easy, and try to memorize logically. Rushing won't do you any favors.

Practice, Practice, Practice: Past Papers

After each subtopic, practice is your best friend. Head to Pestle IB, Revison Village or grab past papers from Reddit. If you stumble on a question, don't just move on. Understand why you got it wrong, revise your notes, and make necessary additions. Memorize patterns of recurring questions, but don't rely solely on them.

5. Skip the Struggles (for Now)

If a topic feels like an uphill battle, don't let it drag you down. Circle it in your notes and move on. Revisit it later, ask for help from your teacher or a friend, and tackle it with a fresh perspective.

6. Treat Every Test Seriously

Even if the tests won't contribute to your final IB grade, take them seriously. Consistently good grades indicate a solid understanding of the content and put you ahead of the game. I barely glanced at my notes during the final exam because I had mastered the content over two years. Don't let the workload pile up.

7. Study Buddy: Explaining is Learning

Find a study buddy to navigate the complex processes like cellular respiration and photosynthesis. Explaining these concepts out loud helps reinforce your understanding and identifies gaps in your knowledge.

There you have it—my tried-and-true tips to rock IB Biology HL. Remember, it's not just about memorizing, but understanding and applying. Best of luck on your journey to acing IB Biology!

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